Fuzion Clip

A perfect blend of nature and technology.

Made of durable, lightweight carbon fiber and wrapped in a beautiful layer of walnut wood harvested from the Appalachian Mountains.

Timeless in both practicality and design, the Fuzion Clip is sure to be a reliable asset for wherever your cards take you.

*Made to perfectly fit and protect a deck of 52 playing cards and their tuck case.


The carbon fiber interior expresses a conscientious concern for your tools. Made from one of the most durable materials on earth, your clip will protect your precious pasteboards with elegance and style.

Walnut wood maintains its form and sturdiness for a lifetime, but darkens and ages as time progresses. Like rings on a tree stump, the Fuzion Clip will reflect upon your journey as an artist. You’ll have stories to tell of your wondrous adventures and a memento of the work you did to get there.

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