We Are Lost Art Magic

Xavior Spade


Professional magician for 20+ years, Xavior is the main videographer, editor and web manager. His job is to make sure everything you see and receive is of the highest quality

Eric Jones


Regarded as one of magic’s best instructors, Eric Jones brings over a decade of experience to Lost Art Magic.  As the Co-Founder and project manager,  Eric works with artists to make magic real, and their dreams a reality.

Casshan Wallace

Social Media Personality

Coming Soon

Artist Being Announced Soon

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Coming Soon

Lance T. Miller

Illustrator/Graphic Artist

Professional artist and illustrator, Lance T. Miller has been developing playing cards worldwide since 2007. Lance is the team’s illustration, design, packaging expert. He creates custom product packaging and graphics that showcase the individual and unique product concepts that Lost Art Magic has to offer.

Antonio Cacace

Videographer/ Editor

Professional Magician and Mentalist since 2006, Antonio is known for his sleight of hand which allows him to create amazing moments. Over the years, Antonio has combined his love of magic and video editing. Now with Lost Art Magic he will deliver awesome videos that showcase magicians and products.

Gabriele D’angio

European Liaison

Professional magician for years, Gabriele is always updated on newest magic effects in the marketplace. His deep passion for magic and his creativity will bring European magic to Lost Art. If you come from Europe and you want to produce a new effect just look him up!

Are you a creator?

We here at Lost Art Magic strive to bring only the highest quality magic to the magic community. With over 20 years combined experience in the magic and production industry, the Lost Art Magic team will help bring you’re dream of creating magic for the magic market a reality. Submit you’re effect to us and let us make you a masterpiece.

About Lost Art

** Lost Art will be out of the office until Aug 25th, Any physical orders or Support issues will not be responded to until the 26th ** Dismiss