What Is A.T.S?
(Advertising Truth System)

Ever buy a magic trick and have buyers remorse?
Ever wish there was a way to know what product was for YOU?
Well now you can!
Introducing The Lost Art Magic Advertising Truth System.
This two tier grading system will let you know if there is a product designed for you and your unique skill set or if it is something you will want to work up to in the future.



Tier 1 


Ideal for those who generally perform for family and friends, but are still passionate about the creativity and thinking behind theLAM Med 02-4 art. These products only require a basic knowledge of magic and offer complete routines with interesting takes on existing plots, gaffs, or techniques.

Out of This World
Oil and Water




Designed for reliability and consistency. This is field-tested magic that’s engaging, angle-proof, and made to be done over and LAM Med 04-3over again for crowds at a gig. The product could be a gaff or technique, but it’s ultimately constructed for the Worker in mind.

Egg Bag
Sponge Balls



 Move Monkey/ Hardcore

The moves and effects in this section may be difficult and angle sensitive (unless said otherwise). In exchange for your dedication, LAM Med 03-2you’ll end up with something unique that can create astonishing moments no other traditional method can accomplish.

Sick by Ponta the Smith
Clip Shift by Chad Nelson
Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingsworth


Tier 2

The second layer is a 5 point system to show technical difficulty. 1 being the easiest and 5 being the hardest. This is represented by bubbles under the above images.We created these levels based on the AVERAGE magicians’ skill set.  For level one, we would teach you all of the techniques as if it were learning magic for the first time. For the mid level, we would expect you to have a basic working knowledge of Bobo’s or Expert Card Technique. On Expert Level 5, you’re already a bad ass. This level is for ninjas and ninjas in training.

** Lost Art will be out of the office until Aug 25th, Any physical orders or Support issues will not be responded to until the 26th ** Dismiss