Accessing Downloads and known issues.

Accessing Downloads and known issues.

** We know at this moment there are issues accessing certain download txt files. We are working to fix the issue **

Where do I get my downloads?

For those of you have past purchased you'd like to download here's some steps to help you find where it is.:


  • go into your account and look at your list of orders
  • above the video file you should have a txt file. That txt file contains the link to download your purchase.
  • for items like Hook and BOX you will just see a txt file with no video attached. 
  • if you're having trouble finding it try clearing your cache or force resetting your browser and page. 
  • Malice is not available for download yet and will be after 6.3.2022
  • If you have orders that were places before we switched systems in 2017 (ie order numbers that do not have a ( y17, y18,y19) your order cannot be fulfilled as they are not in our system.) When we switched systems we had a grace period where we sent out multiple emails saying what was happening and what to do. We cannot recall those orders anymore.
  • All streaming video has been removed and only the .Txt files are left this should solve the problem of people not seeing the txt file as all that remains is the txt file. 


  • Sorry, I may need to become the squeaky wheel, now. Really starring down the official site closing time. Still no DL link near my y17 / y18 links.

    Is there a contingency plan for customers who are not able to access a link to DL their purchases?

    I can comment exactly what purchases i should be able to DL if that helps? _John

    John on

  • I still can not download Xavier’s Pass and Xavier’s Rise. I have sent multiple emails with no response.

    George Gallo on

  • There is no txt link for Xavior’s pass video

    Dan on

  • I cannot download Xavier’s Pass and Alex’s Brick Pass.
    Any help?
    I’ve managed the others just fine.

    Charles Lazarchak on

  • All downloads purchased directly have worked out, however, I purchased Hooked before I had an account. How do I download that?

    Mike G on

  • Which video are you trying to download?

    Xavior on

  • 0×26deA27c09A8333bED92b5b0273A22237a8Bb835

    That’s all that comes up when I try downloading the video

    Luke on

  • i’m in the same boat as most of the other comments i’m seeing. my txt links all have y17s / y18s in front of them but none have links to download. I’ll check back every other day to see how this issue solution progresses. _John

    John on

  • I know alot of you have having issues specifically with raise rise and the pass. I have however been unable to figure out why that is. I have even asked others that i know to set up accounts and they can access it no problem. Just for those who missed the whole video and emails. The Store is going to close but the website will remain open until July 3rd so there is time to try to come up with a solution. As of yet i have no idea why that is happening with just those products. But it will be easier to figure things out as soon as sales have stopped.

    xavior Spade on

  • Hi everybody,
    So I got Rise recently and the .txt appeared and I could download the video with no problem, however the .txt for both videos on The Pass that I purchased back in 2017 still do not appear, is there anything I can do to get it? I know you probably have a lot of work now and I don’t want to disturb anyone but I really don’t want to lose those videos
    Thank you very much.

    Pablo on

  • Evening Boss (Well its 2am here in the UK)

    I’ve looked at the page script and in all instances of the missing text script, the personalised link just isn’t being generated. Is it a shopify database issue?

    Just asking as each of the new downloads has a unique six digit key like /805537?email… it is the only number I cannot find elsewhere so presume it is a database sales key.

    Other than that, whatever you did to Rise worked. I got an email saying content had been updated and the link worked. If push comes to shove maybe reuploading the videos for the older content will work?

    Hope any of this helps at all.

    Richard Thompson on

  • Cannot download:

    B.C. Shuffle by Jeremy Griffith
    Paradigm Shift by Simon Black
    The Series Vol.1 By Cheng Lin
    Retention Z By Zee J Yan

    When I will be able do it? Fix it plz.

    Stephane on

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