Accessing Downloads and known issues.

Accessing Downloads and known issues.

** We know at this moment there are issues accessing certain download txt files. We are working to fix the issue **

Where do I get my downloads?

For those of you have past purchased you'd like to download here's some steps to help you find where it is.:


  • go into your account and look at your list of orders
  • above the video file you should have a txt file. That txt file contains the link to download your purchase.
  • for items like Hook and BOX you will just see a txt file with no video attached. 
  • if you're having trouble finding it try clearing your cache or force resetting your browser and page. 
  • Malice is not available for download yet and will be after 6.3.2022
  • If you have orders that were places before we switched systems in 2017 (ie order numbers that do not have a ( y17, y18,y19) your order cannot be fulfilled as they are not in our system.) When we switched systems we had a grace period where we sent out multiple emails saying what was happening and what to do. We cannot recall those orders anymore.
  • All streaming video has been removed and only the .Txt files are left this should solve the problem of people not seeing the txt file as all that remains is the txt file. 


  • I cannot reach my download- Xavior’s Rise

    Nir on

  • No link for rise

    Chopz on

  • I only have the txt file for my most recent purchase, even though all my purchases have the y- code.
    No matter how I access my downloads, I always only get the txt for that one.
    Xavior, what can be done about this? I don’t wanna lose the amazing stuff I bought here.

    Erika on

  • Both txt files for Pass DL and Brick Pass don’t have the right permissions to be opened.
    Since there isn’t much time left, please update the permissions so that we can open the file to find the download links, thanks!

    Pierre on

  • How do I download hook video
    I bought before I had an account
    Can you e mail me something I can download my password was hooked

    Bob Bieser on

  • Heya!

    So, for the most part, I have been able to download the *.txt file for my purchases, however, there are still three that I cannot download anything for, The Pass Project, Kabal, and Paradigm Shift.

    I would really hate to lose those videos.

    Jak Hart on

  • I believe there’s an additional 30 days after the shop closes for downloads. There is still time. Although it would be nice for an update on what the issue is (known or not) and any resolution plans.

    Russ on

  • Hi Xavior,
    Your shop closes in 7 days.
    All of us on this blog have the same problem- we do not have txt file links to download many of our purchased videos in our accounts.
    Are you going to come on this blog and tell us what is going to happen and are you going to fix this problem, or we all going to loose access to these videos we purchased

    Jon on

  • Still no .txt download links on watch video pages of Xavior’s Rise (y18 order) and The Pass (y17 order). Is it going to be fixed in remaining few days?

    przemoc on

  • where can i find the link for the hook download I lost the buisness card with the tutorial on it… bought hooked at a ibm meeting

    Gerrit on

  • there are no passwords to the videos downloads, i like colorchanges didnt require one but my other ones require it but there is no password provided

    Gerrit on

  • Found the link to Hook OK but cannot find my original password to access it

    Stephn Burford on

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