Accessing Downloads and known issues.

Accessing Downloads and known issues.

** We know at this moment there are issues accessing certain download txt files. We are working to fix the issue **

Where do I get my downloads?

For those of you have past purchased you'd like to download here's some steps to help you find where it is.:


  • go into your account and look at your list of orders
  • above the video file you should have a txt file. That txt file contains the link to download your purchase.
  • for items like Hook and BOX you will just see a txt file with no video attached. 
  • if you're having trouble finding it try clearing your cache or force resetting your browser and page. 
  • Malice is not available for download yet and will be after 6.3.2022
  • If you have orders that were places before we switched systems in 2017 (ie order numbers that do not have a ( y17, y18,y19) your order cannot be fulfilled as they are not in our system.) When we switched systems we had a grace period where we sent out multiple emails saying what was happening and what to do. We cannot recall those orders anymore.
  • All streaming video has been removed and only the .Txt files are left this should solve the problem of people not seeing the txt file as all that remains is the txt file. 


  • The Pass and Rise do not have links for me. I have tested on multiple PC’s and browsers. Thank you.

    Johnathan Cooper on

  • Hey guys I’ve pretty much have the same issue where I can’t see the text file for the pass or xaviors rise

    Jose Ramirez on

  • I have the txt files for everything except the pass, brick pass and xaviors rise. Those dont have anything listed and i have taken the steps outlined

    Manuel on

  • I can’t find the link for the following: In Transit, BC shuffle, Savant, Paradigm Shift,& EVO.

    Mike Andreshak on

  • Thanks for the clarification, Xavior,

    There’s no text file link on my order or watch video page. Cleared cache, tried on a different computer. The page doesn’t change to look similar to your screenshot.


    Russ on

  • Just so everyone is clear the txt link is a link to a TXT file such as thepass.txt and you have to download that and in the file is the link. It’s not just a link to a video..

    Xavior Spade on

  • Same issue as everyone else for the pass / brick pass. Order number with the title of the purchase, and then the video under all that. There’s no text link.
    I didn’t receive a notification.


    Russ on

  • Hi, I’m also having a problem downloading the pass and the brick pass. There’s no text link and I haven’t received a notification.
    Order number y17-5633

    Adrian on

  • I just sent out a notification on where to get the file for The Pass Hopefully that works please comment if it does or doesnt.

    Xavior Spade on

  • Hi, on my video page there is no link for download. Order number is Order y17-4761.

    Larry on

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