Come hang with us in 8 bit!

Come hang with us in 8 bit!

Come hang with us in 8 bit!

Hey folks, this weekend we'll be hanging and jamming at The Toronto Magic Companies 8 bit video game magic convention! 2 Magic Land :)

This is the only virtual magic convention where you can run around an 8 bit video game world hanging out and jamming magic with all your favourite magicians! 

There will be tons of talent including David Williamson, Asi Wind, Nathan Coe Marsh, Paul Vigil, Suzanne, and many more! All sharing their magic knowledge to help you improve your own

I'll be there representing Lost Art along with Xavior Spade and Beau Cremer. It's going to be so much fun! 

Catch us at our dealers booth or jamming at the tables, I'll probably be an 8 bit snow man, because you can do that, yasssss! You do not want to miss this.

Watch the funny trailer and reserve your tickets here.

The first unconventional was so much fun, we've been dying to play around again and connect with everyone. More talent, more games, more fun. Come jam with us and we'll see yalls there :) 


Chris Mayhew

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