Lee Asher on the Merge of Cartamundi and USPCC

Lee Asher on the Merge of Cartamundi and USPCC

Lee Asher on the Merge of Cartamundi and USPCC

Our longtime friend, Lee Asher
is one of the world-wide leading experts in playing card collecting.  
Let's face it, he's the mastermind behind all the Jerry's Nugget  
playing card sub-culture. He is also the President of 52 Plus Joker,  
the world's largest playing card collector's club.

Imagine when he heard about United States Playing Card Company merging  
with Cartamundi? Damn, this guy has a lot to say about it.

Watch and listen as Lee Asher shares his thoughts about this  
controversial topic. In twenty minutes, he discusses:

- Valuable insights that you won't hear anywhere else.
- History about our favourite playing card manufacturers.
- and calls you to action to help make playing cards better.

Will any changes be beneficial? What does the future hold? What are  
your thoughts? Do you agree with what Asher says? Comment below.



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