Magic Conventions: MagiFest 2018

Magic Conventions: MagiFest 2018

Magic Conventions: MagiFest 2018

To go, or not to go, that is the question.

I am advocating for going to conventions. I attended my first one this January in Columbus, MagiFest. It has a lot to offer, whether you are a seasoned veteran in magic, or just starting out. You should definitely consider going.

Do you have to go to every single one? No, but you should make an effort to go to a few, depending on your location and financial situation.

There are so many things there to do and to see, it is unlike anything you have experienced thus far in magic. 


MagiFest is the oldest magic convention in the US, this year was the 85th annual occurrence. That means, for the better part of the century, magicians from all over the country and the world have been getting together to showcase products, jam on sessions, and perform for each other. That, is amazing.

With the way the internet is progressing, we have the chance to connect with each other before ever meeting in person. I got to meet some friends I had only spoken to or seen on FaceTime. This was a very unique opportunity, and one that I cherish dearly.

After days filled with wandering the Dealer's Room, attending lectures and performances, we often hung out at the lounge/bar/lobby and jammed. There were people doing card and coin magic, as well as some cardistry.


I got to meet some absolute legends in the magic world, as well as some new-comers. The youngest kid I met was 12, and he had been doing magic for 5 years. The first thing he did when I met him, was Raise Rise, yes, Raise Rise. It wasn't perfect, be you could see in his eyes that he loves magic, and getting to show Xavior was like a dream come true for him.

Then there is me, at 28, I felt like a kid again. Just getting to hang out with a bunch of magic nerds and share ideas and moves and concepts. What a beautiful thing.

So kids, and adults, save your money. Buy you plane/train/automobile tickets and go. Just go. Have fun, be a kid again. Meet the people you have looked up to and learned from for so long. They will be there, with smiles on their faces, waiting to share this wonderful art form we call magic.

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