Mini Expose: Xavior Spade

Mini Expose: Xavior Spade

Mini Expose: Xavior Spade

Xavior and I became friends just under a year ago, and holy shit, this guy is legit.

I have never seen someone so dedicated to their craft. He LOVES magic. More-so than a lot of us. He genuinely loves this craft, and you can tell by the approach he takes to moves, routines, classics and theory. 

I first had the chance to sit in on editing sessions of The Pass Project's trailer. He was putting shots together, and wondering how to pitch the product. So, while we are chatting, he records the voice over.

"There is no such thing as an invisible pass..."

Those words still haunt me. Here is a guy that has done this move for almost two decades, and he knows more about it than most. He was just being real, and he still is.

No matter if it is a double lift, or the ghost (Elmsley) count, he tells it like it is. Seeing magic is one thing, but creating and honing magic is another entirely.I just know he wants there to be more great magic out there, and less shit. No one needs a better reason to teach than that.

Xavior has taught me so much, like how to take shortcuts when needed. For example, I was messing with CephaloPalm. I was like, "if I use the palm, I can do card to pocket in a new way." He gave me a shortcut, and it wasn't watering down the magic, it was simplifying the method to get the card to the pocket quicker. No contrived movements, no need to over-prove or justify actions. Simply, straight forward, and to the point.

Today Lost Art released Xavior's Rise, which is his work on Raise Rise. This is one of those routines that is purely sleight of hand. I was talking with X and sitting in on editing sessions for this as well. When it came time for the trailer, the question was asked, "What is the pitch?" He responded, "There isn't one." He put so much work into something, that people will take years to practice before it looks halfway decent. So much time was invested in the movements, the methods, and the theory, just for the love of magic, good magic, neigh, great magic.

He didn't have to release Raise Rise. He could have sat on this routine, and kept it his own. The guy who is arguably the best at this routine, did not have to share it, yet he did. He put time into thinking about how to teach it, filming it, editing it, and releasing it himself. All aspects of what you see are real, coming from a real dude, who teaches real magic.

You don't realize you're a legend, even when someone tells you. But honestly, Xavior is a legend. The time and effort he puts into things are priceless. Now, I am not just over here praising him for the fuck of it. I am trying to convey the tiniest sliver of appreciation for a guy that knows more and cares more about magic than anyone I know. 

It is an honor to call him my friend, and a pleasure to see him work. If you had the chance to talk with DaVinci about painting, this is what it is like to talk with Xavior about magic. 

Thanks X.


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • You truly realize just how passionate someone is about what they love, when simply by talking to them you begin to feel that passion as well.

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