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Street vs. Stage vs. T.V.

Street vs. Stage vs. T.V.

Who is a better performer, David Copperfield or Criss Angel?

Some would argue David, and others Criss, but really, they both are great performers. There is something about both of these magicians that brought them into the limelight, and each had an audience and their time to shine.

David Copperfield is one of the biggest magicians of all time, and for good reason. His performances were bigger than life, and his sleight of hand was great too. He has a way of making you believe, even if only for a second, that magic is real.

Now, before you burn me at the stake, Criss Angel is also a great magician, but for an entirely different reason. Television gave way to street magic and stage magic, in this weird collision course, and Criss Angel took the wheel. He tackled many different ideas and classics in magic with unique twists. He did things that had never been done before, for audiences that had never seen magic, and/or didn’t know what magic was.

Each of these men had an audience for what they were trying to accomplish, and they defined what magic is for those people. That is everything in performance. Knowing what you can do, and doing it by any means possible.

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” 
- Roald Dahl

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