The Series Vol.1 By Cheng Lin



As one of the most skilled underground magicians in New York City, Cheng Lin is known to create insanely visual and hard-hitting magic with pure sleight of hand. His deep understanding of movements and composition enables him to create true astonishment. With a visual style and intricate flow, Cheng's work is what magic should look, and more importantly feel like. We are proud to present the first installment of Cheng’s work on card magic, Series Vol1, the Color Change.

Inspired by Jack Carpenter's iconic Impulse Change, Cheng spent years re-crafting the move to bring you the miracles showcased in this video. The Color Change happens with the card completely isolated in the middle of the deck. With very little movement, you will be able to change the card literally an infinite amount of times if you choose to, and with just one hand. You will learn to performance one of the most stunning color change in extreme detail, as well as 3 full routines that utilize the change. 

  • The basic routine that allows you to morph between a random card and the spectator’s selection in split seconds and back. 
  • A transposition routine that allows you to exchange the position of two cards in an extremely free flowing manner, and ends in an unexpected kickback. 
  • A triumph routine that allows you to manipulate the physical conditions of the deck in an extremely visual way. 

This is not a download. Streaming content only! 

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