Bit Coin Cash by Nic Suriano


Bitcoin cash out is a digital to physical coin effect that is performed with a fake app on the iPhone. It is extremely visual and very easy to perform and does not involve the download of any actual app.

The Effect:

The Magician begins by asking the spectator if they are familiar with crypto currency or bitcoin. The Magician explains to the spectator that there is a new app that  can cash your bitcoin into physical currency. The magician then shows the app and converts the coin on the screen into an actual coin as if it leaves the screen and enters the magicians hands.

The basic version of bitcoin cash out allows the Magician to pull up his bitcoin wallet, select the amount of bitcoin to cash out, and turn their digital coin into an actual coin. After some optional conversions of the coin to Bill and back to coin, The magician can turn the coin back into digital currency by magically placing it back into the phone on the screen.


• Requires an iPhone 6, 6plus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, or iPhone X
• Requires a physical Bitcoin prop coin ( Can be purchased from Amazon HERE )

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