Viper by Nick Popa


This is not a download. Streaming content only!

Nick Popa makes his Lost Art Magic debut with Viper! This gimmick allows you to hold any small object at the tips of your fingers and have it instantly vanish as you drop it. The vanish is so visual it's perfect for performing magic online, or in person! 

Cause the torn corner of a playing card to blink out of existence in an instant, and then reappear wherever you can imagine! Cause a dollar bill to transform into four coins, make air pods appear at your finger tips, or perform the most visual coins across that's super easy to do. 

Nick will teach you everything you need to know to make the gimmick yourself. Nick goes over every detail and teaches several different ideas to utilize the gimmick to its fullest potential. You will be playing with this in the mirror for hours! 

Viper is perfect for online magic performances and also social media magic. But it also looks just as good in person, spectators will think they have just seen a camera trick! The best part is viper is so small you can carry it anywhere you go with minimal set up to be performing in seconds. Step up your vanishes with Viper!


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