Quoth by Travis Askew


This is not a download. Streaming content only!


Introducing Travis Askew with his Lost Art Magic debut! You've seen his beautiful sleight of hand all over social media, now get ready to learn some of the incredible ideas from his mind.

Quoth is a project all based around the visuals of the classic Raven gimmick, without the use of the gimmick. Just pure sleight of hand and skillz.

You will learn how to make a coin appear with just the wave of a seemingly empty hand. You can also perform a beautiful color change with the same action that looks so good you'll think it has to be gaffed.

As a bonus Travis will also teach a finger tip vanish and change that is so smooth and perfect for Zoom performances.

Get ready to put your hands to work and learn some beautiful coin magic folks. Quoth the raven nevermore!