The Road Trip by Luke Oseland


This is not a download. Streaming content only!

Join Luke Oseland and all his pals as they hit the road for a magic trip filled with laughs and creativity the whole way through!

Each stop brings a friend to share ideas and connection with, that’s what real magic is all about 😎

Luke will teach his friends all the wonderful ideas floating around his head, and you will get to watch and participate with them as if you were there too!

  • Impossibly balance objects on the tip of your finger.
  • Tear open a sugar packet with your mind.
  • Visually restore a torn off tab on a soda can, and so much more! 

So many personalities, so many clever ideas, so much fun, you’ll be road tripping all day long. Grab your bottle of Sriracha and come along for the ride on this epic Road Trip! Let’s gooooooo!!

This was shot pre-COVID.

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