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Hofzinser Poker

Hofzinser Poker

Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser is the father of card magic.  His magic has inspired countless magicians spanning nearly two centuries. One of his pet effects a simple, yet amazingly effective color change of a playing card.  A card is held up to a light so that you can see through the card, seeing its identity.  When the card is turned over, the card is completely different!  It is just as baffling for laymen today as it was in the 1840's.

Lost Art Magic in connection with The Hanrahan Gaff Company, proudly present a terrific update to this classic of magic, bringing it into the 21st century. We like to call it: Hofzinser Poker.

With this incredibly simple effect, you allow your audience a glimpse into the world of card cheating. You demonstrate that as cards are dealt near a light source, you can see through the playing card to see the identity of it, offering you or your partner an advantage in a game of cards. Without any moves or manipulations, you can change a horrible hand of poker into a guaranteed winning hand.  This custom set of 5 HANDMADE cards will insure you win every time!