Hook By Eric Ross Explanation

"What a sick and twisted effect! Disgusting! I can't wait to perform it myself!"
- Justin Flom

 "You want reactions? THIS is how you get reactions!!"
- Garrett Thomas

A classic of magic with a daring new and SAFE approach. Eric Ross has invented something that in our opinion should be the new classic roulette routine. Strong, visual, simple and safe and even though it's pocket sized its perfect for close up and large stages alike. You cant help but get a strong reaction with HOOK from beginning to end.

Everything you need is contained in the package. We created the packaging for easy and safe transport, setup and to be purposely unassuming so you can create the strongest reactions when they least expect it with something they definitely don't expect.

This is a new generation in magic, This is HOOK.

Want access to the video below? Purchase HOOK by Eric Ross HERE.