Box by Sinbad Max

Sinbad Max has been lurking in the underground magic scene of Beijing, China for far too long. Throughout his years in hiding, he became tremendously influenced by the elegance of David Roth, the hard-hitting magic of Curtis Kam, and the technical finesses of Kainoa Harbottle. Thanks to these great influences, Max developed his own captivating style of performance. He’s deeply fond of kicker endings and considers them a significant part of his coin magic. He loves their wildly visual, disarming nature and finds them to be reflective of his own personality. Max's immense, dynamic repertoire caught our attention at Lost Art, and we’re very proud to share his innovative and stylized coin magic with you. Welcome to Box.


Box is two separate coin routines that utilize the standard Okito Box, and are made to perform for today’s audience. There are absolutely no gimmicks or extra coins involved; just creative sleight of hand intermixed within beautiful choreography. As Max breaks down his routines, you’ll discover that even his original techniques alone will inspire new applications, and also help refine your already existing coin routines.
  • ESCAPE – Four coins are fairly placed inside a brass box. One by one, the isolated coins visually penetrate through the box and land onto the table. The last phase ends with a kicker ending that is adaptable to your preferred style.
  • CRASH – One by one, four coins magically vanish and appear inside a brass box. As the last coin is about to vanish, all four coins suddenly reappear back onto the table.
At Lost Art Magic, our goal is to provide the best possible learning experience for you. This DVD includes over 60 minutes of detailed instructions with interactive camera angles and insightful commentary by our Co-Founder, Eric Jones. We are very excited to bring Max out of the woodworks with this engaging and informative project.