B.C. Shuffle by Jeremy Griffith


Known by many as @lost_angelus on Instagram, Jeremy Griffith is one of the most knowledgeable card men around. With his background in mathematics, Jeremy has an unparalleled understanding of different card mechanics. He is a real “expert at the card table”. Lost Art Magic is very proud to present Jeremy's debut release, the BC Shuffle.

The Overhand shuffle is the most recognized shuffle in the western world. Unlike faro shuffle or riffle shuffle, that are only used by magicians and card handlers, the overhand shuffle is commonly used or seen by most people. BC shuffle is a genuine over-hand shuffle that allows you to have complete control over the deck. The shuffle enables you to control a few cards, a group of cards, and even the entire deck while still maintain the exact same look as a standard over-hand shuffle. It is an incredible addition to the arsenal of any card men, sleight of hand artists and gambling experts.

In this download, Jeremy spends over an hour going through all the variations of BC Shuffle with extreme detail. He also goes in depth with different applications and routines that are possible with the shuffle. The possibilities are endless, however Jeremy went through all the things you need to start applying the shuffle straight away. So grab a deck of cards, and start learning the BC Shuffle.

This is not a download. Streaming content only!

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