JL Move by Matt Jacobs

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Introducing Matthew Jacobs. Matt is an underground magician from Buffalo NY that has been fooling magicians everywhere with this control. Matt has figured out how to dribble the deck and have a spectator toss their card anywhere they want and you will still have full control over their selection. Matt goes into full detail explaining all the nuances and subtleties necessary in order to execute this move. Matt will also teach several ways to utilize the move including a peek, and a shuffle control. This is The JL (Jacob's Ladder) Move.
To learn a bonus trick from Matt Jacobs using this move, contact him on instagram @mjmagician.
"Matt’s worked out a casual and deceptive move to control and peek a card. It looks good live and on camera. The instructions are crystal clear and a variety of ideas using the technique are provided. It’s fun to practice and perform. I think you’ll enjoy adding this move to your repertoire!"  Jimmy Ichihana 

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